New Amsterdam, 360 Years Ago

New AmsterdamThe original New Amsterdam fort the Dutch built on lower Manhattan island was established in 1625, but the actual city of New Amsterdam was incorporated today, three hundred and sixty years ago.  Of course, the name didn’t last too long.  The English bopped along in four frigates in 1665 and dubbed the thriving city New York after their Duke of York.

Three hundred and sixty years is a pretty respectable age for a north American city.  European cities would turn their noses up at a mere three and a bit centuries, but when Australia can just barely claim a century as a country, three hundred years for a westernized, non-European centre of civilization is not too shabby at all.


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  1. Many of the original “street” names are still in use. Wall Street is one. Pearl Street is another. It’s interesting when you walk along in the modern city and try to visualize the beginnings.

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