Man Watching

Man and Woman Waiting in LaundromatMan watching is not flirting.  It’s not picking up strange men.  It’s not even gazes meeting across a room.

Man watching is one of the most fascinating and completely harmless activities any woman on the planet can do.

Men watch women all the time.  It’s built into their mitochondria and chained to their testosterone.  They can no more not watch women than not breathe…even 100% gay men will check out a woman’s clothing and disparage the size of her ass.

Many women don’t man watch.  They don’t know how.  They especially think it’s not allowed if they’re already attached or involved with a man.

But man watching is the gender-specific version of people-watching, a totally innocent past time that nevertheless provides entertainment and sometimes insight into that “other” sex (most of you reading this are female, by about 99%).

Why would you want to man-watch?  It’s fun!  Men as a gender can be beautiful, boorish, brutish, big, wonderful, clumsy, muscular, skinny, adept, charming, graceful, funny, awkward, thoughtful, self-conscious, self-aware, ignorant, smart and awesome….you just have to watch to get blown away by the sheer range and variety they come in.

How do you man watch?  It helps to have some time on your hands and to pick a location where lots of people pass by.  The French like their indoor/outdoor cafes for people-watching, and that’s a good traditional place to start, but anywhere there’s a good collection of people will do.

Sunglasses and a prop — a book is good — so you aren’t caught staring and you look like you’re there for a reason other than loitering, can help you get into watching.

What do you watch for?  Just relax and watch the world go by.  Ask yourself questions.  Why is he wearing that shirt?  Why would he walk that way?  What is that guy’s mood right now?  Why is he holding himself so stiff?  Is he really that relaxed or just hiding something?  Try to get into the minds and under the skins of the men you’re watching.

The point is not to engage with people.  You’re just observing and enjoying the world as it wanders past your location.  If you make eye contact with men, then that sends the wrong signals.  (The sunglasses and book help offset such accidents, too).

You can also man watch whenever you find yourself with a moment to spare and a man is within range of your vision.  Discreetly appreciate his qualities as he moves on.

You’ll grow to understand men in general with far more depth once you’ve been man watching for a while.  Man watching is that powerful.

Try it and see.


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