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Byzantine HeartbreakThere’s a lot of little bits happening right now — a real mash up of my own life.  So I thought I’d throw them all into a single post rather than string them out into itty posts of their own.

The biggest news right at the moment is that Byzantine Heartbreak has been nominated for Book of The Year by The Romance Reviews, in the SF-Futuristic category.

I’m pretty chuffed about this one.  It means:

1) My indie books have now been nominated four times for Book of the Year.

2) Both books currently published in the Beloved Bloody Time series have been nominated for Book of the Year (Bannockburn Binding and now Byzantine Heartbreak).

3) And not that I want to jump up and down and say in any way, shape or form “I told you so”, but all the nominations have been for MMF menage stories, which shows that menage doesn’t have to be badly written, just about sex, or irrelevant.

If you’ve read Byzantine Heartbreak and enjoyed it, please consider voting for it.  You can reach the voting page here;

Click here to vote for
Byzantine Heartbreak

Winners are announced on April 2nd.  D’uh, if I win I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops!



The Case of the Reluctant Agent - A Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Tracy Cooper-PoseyCase of the Reluctant Agent, the second book in the Sherlock Holmes series, has now been removed from the Amazon KDP Select program and I have released it through Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, and Kobo.

As Smashwords clunky distribution system kicks into gear, it will eventuall appear in iTunes, Sony and Diesel, too.

For more information about the book, and for all the retail links, click here.

erotic paranormal urban fantasy romance, Blood Stone, by Tracy Cooper-Posey


Similarly, I have also removed Blood Stone, the second book in the vampire romance series, also called Blood Stone, from the Amazon KDP Select program, and have published it through Smashwords, All Romance eBooks and Kobo.

Click here to jump to the Blood Stone book page where you can find links to all the retailers.


ReviewsVivian's Return by Tracy Cooper-Posey

I’ve received some great — and unexpected — reviews lately:

“This book took me by surprise. In a good way…Where did that leave me, as a reader? Captivated by their story, that’s where. Strong women rock!…Interesting and fast-paced.  Very fun.”

5 stars for Vivian’s Return, from Reading the Paranormal.


Dead Double by Tracy Cooper-Posey“I love when an author can keep you turning the pages furiously and trying to read ahead LOL. Sahara and Logan’s lives are turned upside down when they accidentally bump into each other on the street. Being mistaken as someone else brings her into a world that she knows nothing about, and closer to the man she can’t keep her thoughts away from.

If you love suspenseful, fast paced thrillers with a little romantic twist, than this is the perfect book.  I loved it and i highly recommend it!!

5 stars for Dead Double from Emi Lia at Bitten By Paranormal Romance Reviews


Forbidden, Tracy Cooper-Posey, Julia Templeton, romance, romance series, historical romance, historical romance novel, historical fiction, romance novel, regency , victorian, England, Indie published, Indie author, Erotic romance, Erotic romance series, Erotic historical romance“Rufus is greedy, cruel, toad of a man. He convinces Eliza that only he can find her son. Vaughn ,his son, comes to confront Rufus about Vaughn’s property in Scotland. Take a cruel man, a lady that will do anything to get her son back, a son bent on revenge, add love and hate along with lust and lies and you have a superior read. I loved this book.”

5 stars for Forbidden from Pandora, an Amazon Reader



Grain Boards.

This is one of the coolest sites ever.  It has nothing to do with writing, reading or stories.  It actually ties in with my adolescent years, when I was a wind-surfing, scuba-diving and snorkling beach freak on some of the most beautiful beaches and in the most beautiful ocean in the world.  (N’ah, I’m not biased at all.)

But this idea is environmentally friendly, and just plain…well, cool.  And very sexy.

Indie Publishing – March Column – Night Owl Reviews

The Night Owls Review March magazine is out with my Indie Publishing column.

Have a great week!




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