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zeroIf you’re following my Inbox Sanity series, and perhaps trying to apply the principles I’m offering, then you might be interested in The Inbox Zero Challenge that Asian Efficiency are offering, starting in September.

These guys are all productivity nuts gurus that put geeky little me to shame.  If you really want to maximize the control over your inbox, their system is sure to be a help.

Plus, as it is a “challenge”, and if you like working with a little bit of pressure, then this might get you motivated to sort out your email (finally).

In the meantime, my own series of posts will be continuing on — it must be something in the air.  I’ve tripped over two other email management posts lately.  This one is just the latest.  I don’t offer any challenges, but if you apply all the steps I suggest, then you will get your email sorted out and the system will be tailored to the way you work.

Here’s where we are so far:

Part 1:   Who Gives A Crap?
Part 2:  Empty Inbox, Always.
Part 3:  Working the System.
Part 4:  Filtering I.


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