It’s Just a Job – Demons

It’s Just a Job – Demons

Demons once haunted the pages of religious texts and the odd horror movie, and that was it.  They were welded to religion and faith as much as angels were.  It didn’t matter what religion – demons appear in some shape or form in every major religion in the world.

But even though their roots can’t be denied, the religious connotations are loosening as demons — and angels — are fast becoming the new sexy in romances.

Curiously, demons aren’t all black and nasty.

Wikipedia says of the ancient Greeks treatment of Demons: “The Greek term does not have any connotations of evil or malevolence…it should be duly noted that the term referred only to a spiritual force, not a malevolent supernatural being,” and of demons in general that “Many of the demons in literature were once fallen angels”, which implies that redemption is possible?

Given Romanceland’s fascination with bad boy heroes, its easy to see why they’re drawn towards demons in paranormal romances.  They’re bad personified…and they could be good, because they used to be.


When I searched for romances that feature demons, I found over 500 of them on Amazon.  So I’m not going to list them individually here. 🙂  Instead, click here to jump to the Amazon search page to browse through the search results for yourself.  Demons are popular!



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