April 2024

The Highest Glass Bridge in the World

You KNOW I’m going to put this into a book somewhere! I came across my notes about this bridge in my notebooks this morning, and paused to study it again. This is the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon bridge in China. And yes, it is made out of glass. So as you walk across the very deep […]

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Where to Find Fantasy Romance

Where to Find Fantasy Romance (Other than the Fantasy Romance shelf) Regardless of which retailer you use to acquire new books, do you shop for books via the categories?  Or the search bar? Often, you know exactly what book you want, and a quick search is good for that.  The title has been recommended, or

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A Most Romantic Sinking

Today, in 1912, and very close to midnight, the RMS Titanic grazed past the iceberg that would eventually sink her, nearly three hours later. Tomorrow will be the 112 anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Most of us have a romanticized perception of the Titanic, thanks to the James Cameron movie. But the Titanic

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