NOT Going to RT? Yeah, Me Neither.

I actually am bummed at not going to RT.  It’s my second year I’ve missed.  Money is the primary issue – the conference is always thousands of miles from me, and it’s an expensive sucker to attend in the first place.  But I have a ton of friends I only ever get to see at RT and the conference pretty much stopped being business about five years ago.  It’s more of a week of parties and talking.

And you have to understand…parties, drinking and talking isn’t something I do a whole hell of a lot of, most of the time.  In order to get books written and published, I do the day job, write, and get some necessary chores completed in between. And sleep.

I have a few non-writing friends — they understand my pecularities.  Most of them are readers, who devour books and movies by the cartload, and get the obsession.  But my real friends…ah, well, most of them I met, or met in the flesh, at RT or some other conference, and it is there that actually going to a party and drinking and talking starts to make sense.

So, I’m hanging out at The Romance Studio over the weekend, to take off some of the sting.  TRS are giving away prizes (including one of my books), and there are dozens more authors (who also aren’t going to RT) who will be chatting as well.

Come on over.


2 thoughts on “NOT Going to RT? Yeah, Me Neither.”

  1. I’m not going either. 🙁 I’ve never been, but have always wanted to go. However, it’s a distance and it’s the time away from work and writing. If I’m taking vacation time, I’m heading to the beach for some sun and relaxation! Though being at RT might be worth it!

    1. Hi Kristabel:

      Going to RT at least once is absolutely worth it. It’s a three ring circus rolled into Carnival, mixed up with Cinque de Mayo…and Playgirl for good measure. It’s intoxicating, and that’s just from breathing the atmosphere. I haven’t seen a hosting hotel yet that didn’t emerge on the other side of an RT week looking punch-drunk and suffering from PTSD. The biggest hotels, who do the biggest conventions, suffer the worst because they think they can handle it. Hah!

      It’s just hard coming down to earth and heading back to the day job after. It’s addictive.

      Mark and I have so much fun at RT. We keep trying to pretend they’re good for promoting my books, but we really go just to dress up in silly costumes and see everyone and catch up with their year(s).


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