Destiny’s Trinities



A Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Romance series

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Series Order

Beth’s Acceptance
Mia’s Return 
Sera’s Gift
The First Trinity
(Anth. Books 1-3)
Cora’s Secret

Zoe’s Blockade  
Octavia’s War

The Second Trinity (Anth. Books 4-6)
Terra’s Victory  
Destiny’s Trinities Series Set


Ancient prophecies shared amongst vampires, elves and other ancient races foretell the coming of the Grimoré and the forming of trinities…and those who will lead them, and all the races, to victory. 

The trinities are bound by sex and sealed by blood, and the binding changes each participant in subtle and permanent ways.

Printable Checklist.

Download and print a checklist of all my books, including this series.  Checklist is here.

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