Christmas Romance Digest 2021 is now out on pre-order!

There are some absolutely lovely stories in this year’s Christmas Romance Digest.  I can say that without sounding full of myself because they’re all (but one) written by other authors.  I’m the editor for this collection and I was very happy with the stories.

Of course, I have a story of my own in there, too, so I can’t say “this anthology is freaking amazing” — because that would be self-aggrandizing.  But I can say “you’ll love the first six stories!”  🙂

Heart-rending, happy-ending romances to enhance your holidays!

Family get-togethers for the holiday season can sooth our emotions or savage our souls.  No one knows us better than the family and friends we choose share such times with.

In each of these seven delightful short romances, our heroes and heroines find going home for this season even more of a heart-wrench, for true love challenges their deepest held beliefs.

Going home for the holidays has never felt so wonderful.

This is the first annual edition of the Christmas Romance Digest, edited by national award-winning, best-selling romance author Tracy Cooper-Posey, featuring some of Romanceland’s most beloved authors.

“A Christmas Carole”—Roxy Boroughs
“Just In Time For Christmas”—Lea Storry
“Because Of The Christmas Stroll”—Debbie Mumford
“The Invitation”—Jasmine Luck
“The Ghosts of Christmas Present”—Karen McCullough
“The Reunion”—Annie Reed
“Burying His Ghost of Christmas Past”—Tracy Cooper-Posey

Get your copy now!

Contemporary Short Romance Anthology

Christmas Romance Digest 2021:  Home for the Holidays is now out on pre-order at all the booksellers except Amazon.  Sorry about that, Amazon readers — but the anthology is being released via a distributor whose arrangement with Amazon does not allow pre-orders.  The anthology will be available on Amazon on the release day.  Also because of the distribution setup and because it is an anthology with multiple authors who are not part of Stories Rule Press, it is not available via SRP.


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