#1 Hot New Releases! – Best Sellers in Historical Australian & Oceanian Fiction

#1 Hot New Releases!
Best Sellers in Historical Australian & Oceanian Fiction

It’s lovely seeing that little orange #1 flag pop up on a book on Amazon.

Degree of Solitude carried the flag for days and days:


Currently, it is #2 in that categories’ hot new releases list, and #12 in the overall category.

Even better, Ashes of Pride, which is the very next release in the series, is #4 in the hot new releases list, so the two are sitting:


So it’s safe to say that the launch of Degree of Solitude was fantastic.  🙂

The book was officially launched last week.

The man she once loved is now a monster she doesn’t know.

Catrin and Daniel love each other, but Daniel refused to further their relationship for fear of curtailing Catrin’s intellectual and personal freedom, and dooming her to a life of domestic servitude as his wife.  Yet their lives remain entangled.

When Daniel is shot in the face during a family rescue in Algeria, he brutally severs the ties between them and removes himself to a remote village in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Catrin travels to Wales in a last bid to resolve their differences, but the terrifying man she finds there is not the Daniel she once knew…

This book is the ninth book in the Scandalous Scions series, bringing together the members of three great families, to love and play under the gaze of the Victorian era’s moralistic, straight-laced society.

Reader Advisory: This story contains frank sex scenes and sexual language.

This story is part of the Scandalous Scions series:
0.5 Rose of Ebony
1.0 Soul of Sin
2.0 Valor of Love
3.0 Marriage of Lies
4.0 Mask of Nobility
5.0 Law of Attraction
6.0 Veil of Honor
7.0 Season of Denial
8.0 Rules of Engagement
9.0 Degree of Solitude

…and more to come!

A Sexy Historical Romance

Praise for Degree of Solitude:

…a delightfully happy ending which gave me warm fuzzy feelings.

This is a welcome addition to one of my favourite series EVER.

It is a swoon worthy love story with a little twist thrown in.

Delightfully descriptive language that allows the reader to feel the constricting corsets and breathe deeply of the mountain air.

One of the best series I have ever read.

Every single book in her Scandalous Scions series has been fantastic – you’re instantly transported back in time, surreptitiously a fly on the wall, watching the plot unfold.

Loved this book! You can’t help but root for the hero and heroine in her books!

I totally loved this latest entry of the Scandalous Scions series! It’s mysterious and romantic in the best Gothic manner.

I keep thinking that Tracy is soon going to run out of ideas for her Victorian Family but find that yet again I’m surprised.

What always amazes me and brings me back for more is the wonderful feeling of family is important that runs through all of these Degree of Solitude books. So good.

Tracy has written yet another AMAZING book!

Another fabulous, nail-biting addition to a never-a-dull-moment series.

I didn’t know better I’d have thought Tracy was actually there in the room, instead of just writing the book.

I absolutely recommend the series, worth your time!

Click here for more reviews and an excerpt of Degree of Solitude.


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