Month’s Mash – February, 2015


no braStrange Things You Learn When You Don’t Wear A Bra For A Week


Couldn’t resist the title, and the article itself is an interesting read.

The negative image talk we women put ourselves through is just astounding….


Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think


The title pretty much says it all. I absolutely agree with this one hundred percent.


I just wish I could figure out how to stop giving a damn….


Our Best Christmas Candy


Yes, I know it’s February, but I used these recipes for Christmas. The mint chocolate chip fudge was a huge success…


Take Me Back

take me backLink

I tripped over this site while researching for Harvest of Holidays and found it fascinating. They collect and assemble archival information for any date you plug in, including the top music and movie hits, newspaper headlines and world events.

It was extremely useful for cultural references in Harvest of Holidays. But I also found myself plugging in other dates just to see what was happening then; like my birthday, the day I moved to Canada, and other big milestones in my life.

You’ll enjoy the mental time travel. Give it a go.


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