Monthly Mash – December

MashI repeat: I cannot believe it’s December already….

GlutenTop 10 Ways to Recover After Gluten Exposure

As this month is the classic month of over-indulgence, and eating what you shouldn’t (or can’t, in some cases), you might find this a useful guide at some stage.


twilightTwilight, the Abridged Script


I really liked Twilight. The books, and the first movie. The last three were a bit tedious. There’s only so much angst you can take if there’s zero plot development happening with it.

This abridged script has its tongue firmly in its cheek. If you’re passionate about Robert and Kristin, don’t read it.

But it’s hilariously funny….


tv tropesTV Tropes


This is a bonanza for the writers among you, but if you’re a dedicated story reader, then you’ll find this a fascinating site.

It does exactly what it sounds like: It’s a linked and cross-referenced list of every cliché, meme and trope to be found in the world of fiction. They don’t limit themselves to just TV either. There’s film, comics, games and more.

It’s great fun just clicking links and browsing.


brazilian24 Traditional Brazilian Foods You Need To Eat Right Now


You hear about Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mexican…those cuisines are almost mainstream, these days. But Brazilian?

Some of these recipes are mouth watering.


peakPeak – The Ultimate Sleep and Fitness Tracker


This is so new it only came out this month. Not only does it give you your pulse rate, it also tracks your sleep patterns and makes suggestions for keeping your energy in balance.

Very cool… (Yeah, geek, I am).

oddlyOddly Developed Types – The Website for Normal and Healthy People


What’s your personality type? You can find a great, very in-depth analysis of your type here.

Bet you can’t guess what mine is!


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