Month’s Mash – January 2015

It’s been a very interesting month!



If you don’t have your own pack with you, head over to Tarotlore to lay a quick spread – and the cards are clickable so you get instant translations, too.

Absorbing playtime….



LOTR deathsWatch Every On-Screen Death in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, in under 7 minutes…


There’s not much I can add to this – the title says it all.

Although it’s rumored the total is over 200,000 deaths.

If you’re a true fan, and have sat through the hours and hours of special features (I did), you’ll know that most of those deaths were digital creations – including all the horses that died (or even fell) in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.


Of HaHard SFrd SF and Messy Emotions


Does the inclusion of sex or romance make a hard SF book “soft”?   Hard/Soft SF used to be narrowly defined as stories that featured physics, mathematics and chemistry as a core theme as “hard”, while the sciences like psychology and sociology made stories that featured them “soft”. Neither label meant anything other than the themes used in the stories.

These days, though, “soft SF” is a pejorative, and dismisses stories labelled that way. Unfortunately, that seems to include stories featuring relationships, character development, sex, or romance. It comes perilously close to including any SF written by a woman.

See what you think….


MyntMynt 1792

I’ve been browsing a lot here lately….



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