Book 4 of the Blood Stone series now out!

Revealed 3DBlood Revealed, Book 4 in the Blood Stone series, was officially released last Friday.  It has got some glowing reviews already:

I loved this book. I can’t get enough of this series

I love the laugh out loud moments and the hot and steamy moments (okay, to be honest, especially the hot and steamy moments)

Hot scenes with really likable characters, but lots of kick ass action and drama too.

The idea of a whole shift in our world, with safety and security of our everyday lives being thrown out the window, is a powerful and terrifying concept.

This story has so many twist and turns that you can’t put the book down.


To save their world, vampires and humans must fight together…against the deadliest enemy ever unleashed.

Nial, leader of the vampires, assembles his loyal followers yet again—and this time they must not fail. For the mythic Blood Stone has been broken and doomsday evil unleashed upon the world of humans in the form of The Others. To save the innocents, Nial and his kind must lift a centuries’ old veil of secrecy, revealing who they truly are.

This has never gone well in the past—will it be different this time? Maybe, if three unlikely heroes can be convinced to join the fight. When an action movie star, a deaf empath and an ex-soldier join forces, the action explodes—both on the battle front and in the bedroom.

Patrick Sauvage, Hollywood A-list actor, ‘comes out’ as a vampire. Good thing he’s learned a few extra skills as an action star—because he needs a new career. What actress wants to star opposite a guy who gives new meaning to the term ‘drop dead gorgeous’?

Dominic Castellano lost his hearing in a freak accident—and everything he loved along with it. But he has other talents to wield in the coming war—he can now sense what others can’t. And his charisma casts a spell on both Patrick and the third member of their triad.

Blythe Murray, LA single mom and ex-soldier, would rather forget her military service—but she’ll resurrect it when The Others invade their city. She’ll give her all to fight evil, and protect her children.

But no human woman can withstand the powerful and instant bond between her, Patrick and Dominic. The world is at war, the future uncertain, the enemy nearly unstoppable—so why fight the best thing they’ve ever found? The three can only hope it will be enough to carry them through the devastation to come.

WARNING: Contains frequent, explicit, heart-stopping MMF sex between two sexy alpha heroes and their feisty heroine, including ménage and anal. Also contains some violence, but no actual vampires were harmed in the making of this novel.

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