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Hello to everyone who has arrived here via the SFR Brigade website!  Do leave your name in the visitor book!  (i.e. Comments).  It’s great to know where people have come from.

For all my regulars, today I’m linking in with the SFR Brigade’s Thursday showcase of all that is currently happening in Science Fiction Romance.   There are a bunch of SFR authors who have put up similar blog posts today, and you can find a list of those links here.  That will let you visit, comment and share on Facebook and Twitter everyone else’s post (Hashtags: #scifirom and #sfrb).  This will help other readers become aware of SFR (if they’re not already), and perhaps find a new genre to love.  🙂


As for me, there has been some interesting things happening in SFR.

  1.  This one you’re probably already aware of.  Faring Soul won a SFR Galaxy Award earlier this year.  Which is really interesting timing, because:
  2. Varkan Rise will be out later this month, which is book 2 of the Interspace Origins series.  It’s available for pre-order already.
  3. Also, Faring Soul AND 5,001 both hit the Smashwords SFR bestseller list last weekend.
  4. And Faring Soul was #4 on Kobo’s Space Opera best seller list.

Here’s a snippet from Varkan Rise to tease you:

“But if the College does not exist, then who will raise children?” Bedivere asked.  “It will force the known worlds back to family segregation.”

“Family units work,” Catherine said.  “Look at Soward.”

“Don’t let Lilly hear you say that.”

Catherine smiled.

“I was thinking of Soward, but not as a positive,” he continued.  “Identifying with a small group within a society is the path to anarchy.”

“Like sentient computers who call themselves Varkan and talk to each other in secret?”

Bedivere sighed.  “One step at a time.  Most of them are still teenagers.  They’re not ready to be loosed upon the world as decision-making adults yet.”

“Papa Bedivere,” she teased.

“And this father needs his sleep,” he said.  He let her go, then picked up her hand.  “If I can sleep.  I had forgotten how much this thing moves.”

“We are on an island,” she pointed out.  “But there are stabilizers and the bumper field that calms everything…I’m surprised you can feel anything at all.”

“An island that floats,” he pointed out.  He pulled her towards the door that led to their quarters.  “On an open sea,” he added.

“I’m sure I’ll be able to find something that will help you sleep.”

He answered her by squeezing her hand gently.  His pace toward the bedroom quickened.

Enjoy your round of the SFR authors!



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  1. “Identifying with a small group within a society is the path to anarchy.” lol, anyone seeing my kids at the dinner table would agree!

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