VIENNESE AGREEMENT Now out! Find out what Brenden has been up to…

3D ViennaViennese Agreement, Book 2.1 in the Beloved Bloody Time series, was released last Friday.

This is a fun little adventure that features Brenden Christos, the security chief of the Chronometric Conservation Agency.  I’ve had a lot of mail asking when Brenden would get his own story.  This is not his full story — not yet!  It’s a little side-trip where you get to see more of his personal life.  Consider it a taster for the good times to come.  🙂

There’s also been a lovely little flurry of reviews on Amazon.  Here’s some quotes:

I was not able to put the book down. Definitely a 5 stars e-book and must read.

I loved this story of Vampire Brendan and human Harriet.

Also, my gratitude to everyone who wrote and thanked me for the free bonus book that was offered for the first 48 hours of the release.  It’s nice to know you all appreciate the little giveaways, etc!

Here’s more about Viennese Agreement.

An unexpected lesson…

When a video showing Brenden Christos feeding from a real, live human threatens to go public and embarrass the Chronometric Conservation Agency and all its vampire members, he knows he must find the source of the leak before Ryan and Nayara, the leaders of the Agency, tear him a new one, and before the video goes viral and sets back vampire-human affairs by a few decades.

His investigation leads him into unforeseen territory. Harriet Winslow is the wife of industrialist Donald Winslow III, who owns the camera that took the damaging video. A hands-on corporate manager, she helps Brenden track down the leak.

Harriet manages to distract Brenden in other interesting ways, but as a human, she has much to learn about the Blood. Brenden learns his own lessons as they close in on their quarry…

WARNING: This vampire futuristic romance contains explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language. Do not proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
No vampires were harmed in the making of this novel.

Viennese Agreement is Book 2.1, a Time Twist Tale, part of the Beloved Bloody Time series.

Book 1:  Bannockburn Binding
Book 1.1: Wait*
Book 2:  Byzantine Heartbreak
Book 2.1:  Viennese Agreement *
Book 3:  Romani Armada
(With more to come!)

*Time Twist Tales are short stories and novellas featuring characters and situations from the Beloved Bloody Time series.

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