Top Posts and Pages for February

Top Five Posts for February

1.  About The Industry – All Romance eBooks Trend Analysis for 2011

Brand new this month…and straight to the top.

2. Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople

And still #2

3. Damn Good Romance IV – Emotional Intensity

Another new post this month.

4.  Damn Good Romances – Part 1

This was posted in January, but it’s new to the top five this month.

5.  Do Women Like MMF?

Another new entry.  Yeah!  Only one of the usual suspects this month.  A very unusual month!


Top Five Pages for October

1. Trilogies & Series

Up from #2 last month.

2.  Lucifer’s Lover

This one is the biggest surprise.  It sells the least out of all my latest releases…

3. Bannockburn Binding

Down from #1

4. Books by Category

From #3 last month.

5.  Byzantine Heartbreak

New to the list.  Given that the book was released on the 23rd of this month…not too shabby at all. 🙂


Top Five Articles for October

1. MM and MMF – Let’s Try Again. Why Do Women Like Men Who Like Men?

And #1 for yet one more month. This was not just #1 in this category, but overall.  Again.  Hands up if you’re surprised.

…Silence.  Hands up if you’re surprised by that?  🙂

2. The Perils Of Writing Erotic Romance.

Up from #5

3. What Is Urban Fantasy, Anyway? Urban Fantasy in the Romance field Defined.

Up from #4

4.  Historical Cheat Sheet: 5th & 6th Century Britain — Arthurian/The Dark Ages

An extremely old article of mine returns to the list.

5.  The MMF Thing…How to Get It

An old favourite returns.


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