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  1. And of course, there is the cultural aspect of a menage in suburbia…That might be an even more important aspect is the decision making. Good post!

    • Thanks, Anny.

      Of course, I didn’t even touch on the cultural acceptance side of it. You’re right, that’s a whole other ball of wax a woman has to consider, especially if she’s contemplating a long term arrangement. I was dealing, I admit, with the idea of a woman purely experiment with MMF — which, in most cases, one tends to keep firmly behind closed and private doors. It’s only the longer term relationships, the true menages, in that case, that would impact on suburbia. Unless you’re into having sex in front of your bedroom windows with the blinds up…and that’s yet another ball of wax. :)

  2. Fan

    I don’t like the idea of two guys together but I like the idea of two, three, four guys devouring me. That is why I read and mmmf stories. It’s about the women’s enjoyment, being dominated to some degree. The men should not be into each other. I am very turned off if a story goes that way.

    • Hi Sophie:

      To each, her own. MMF romance, where there is sexual activity between the men, is an acquired taste. Most readers with an open mind ease into the genre and find they like it very much indeed. There are, however, some readers who do not.

      If you’re curious, I have a whole series on MMF romances — you can find links on the MMF romance page.

      Thanks for commenting!



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