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Seven years ago today, on March 11, 2011, I “relaunched” my blog, to mark the release of my very first indie book, Blood Knot.

I’ve been writing blog posts ever since, with just the odd short break here and there to give myself some downtime.

But that wasn’t the first day this site was launched.  In actual fact, I have been running this site for nineteen years.

I started the site as a static site the year I was first published in traditional publishing, 1999.  Blogs weren’t around then.

When blogs came on the scene a few years later, I quickly acquired the habit.  It seems I like talking.  Who knew?


I blogged for many years — and I do wish I still had all those old posts!  Alas, they were lost in one of the emergency jumps I had to make to shift my blog to another host who wouldn’t shut me down for the crime of being popular.  (Also known as ‘using too much bandwidth’).

Around mid 2010, I had been writing and publishing for twelve years and my one stint at writing full time (which had not been by choice) had been a disaster, my career in traditional publishing seemed to be going backwards.  I stopped blogging, because, well, what was the point?  It was a very low year for me.  I think I came very close to giving it all up.

I’d heard of indie publishing by then.  I just never considered it for me.  It seemed to be a scary proposition, having to do it all.

Only, I had got to the point of “Why not? Things can’t get worse.”

And so, in early 2011, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to publish an indie book.  March 11, I celebrated the release of Blood Knot by relaunching the blog and sprucing up the site.

It has been a very wild ride since then!

And only this week, seven years after that launch, I’ve spruced up Blood Knot with a new cover.

As indie publishing has been so good to me, it seems fitting I mark the date of the blog anniversary and the anniversary of my first indie release, too.


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  1. I love your stories; they make me feel as if though I’m sitting with you and listening to random stories of your life. Not only that, but the room is nice and cosey with Mark adding comments now and then from another room.

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