Image credits: Adas Meliauskas


Depending on where you are in the world, we’re coming into Cherry Blossom season in a few weeks, which is generally around April in the northern hemisphere, but earlier in warmer climates.

Cherry blossoms are associated strongly with Japan, but the trees grow everywhere.  This astonishing cherry blossom canopy (above) is in Bonn, Germany, for example.  It’s gorgeous.

You can just see a romance story playing out beneath it, can’t you?  The big “i love you” scene, or a first meeting.

Or, because contrast works so well, a horrible murder that kicks off a romantic suspense novel…

I’m just twitching to use this in a book, somewhere!!

While this one:

…is from California.

These are the sort of images that, if you saw them in a movie, would have you rolling your eyes at the heavy-handed CGI effects.  If they were in a book, you’d think it was unrealistically romantic.

Yet they’re photos of real places.

They’re stunning, aren’t they?