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I think I might get used to this.   Monday’s Facebook Live session (here and here on YouTube, too, or just click on the embedded video, below) was not nearly the same stress-inducing, get-me-out-of-here experience as the first week.  I actually managed to relax a bit.

One of the questions I failed to answer yesterday, I thought I would address here in a post, where I can add lists and explain myself.

In the FB live video, I mentioned that Mark and I would be attending the When Words Collide conference in Calgary next year — it’s in early August.  At the conference, I will be holding a public celebration to mark the publication of my 100th book, which will have been released just two weeks before.

Dina, yesterday, expressed surprise that I “only” have 100 books out.

Actually, I don’t have 100 published titles.  As of today, the tally is 144 published titles.  By August next year, there will be at least 12 more titles added to that list.   You can see the full list here–it’s my Master list of published stories.


That Master list includes boxed sets, anthologies, collections, short stories, flash fiction, and novelettes.

Including short fiction and boxed sets in the “official” 100 count seems like cheating, to me.  It’s not like I wrote the boxed sets all over again.  And short stories are, well, short.  They don’t really have the same heft as a novel or novella.

So, to be absolutely scrupulous, to make up the official list of 100 books, I have only counted novels and novellas.

I have been releasing full, novel-length books in a steady stream, one every four weeks at least, for the three years I have been writing full time.  I see no reason why I won’t keep up that pace at least until August next year, which allows me to project ahead, and plan a celebration for 100 books, some of which have not yet been written.

On Monday, in the FB Live session, when I wasn’t doing mini Tarot readings, I gave a quick info dump on the books I have finished writing, but have not yet released.  Some of them you already know about.  Some are so freshly finished, I don’t have covers for them, or pages, or even blurbs.

But the list is:

These are book which have been written, and are being prepared for publication.  I’ve linked to the books which already have pages on my site.  The rest I will let you know about when the covers, etc., are done and they’re ready to be seen.

Books that have yet to be written, which also go into the official 100 are:

  • May 2: More Time Kissed Moments
  • May 30: High King of Britain
  • June 27: Scandalous Scions Book 10
  • July 25: Project Kobra Book 2

These are the four books I must write in early 2018 to top up the official 100 list.

When I have formally finished writing all 100 books (which I’m projecting will be by the end of March next year), I will start hopping up and down about having truly done it.  🙂

If you would like to watch a live FB Live session, click here to download an iCal appointment you can add to your calendar app, to remind you when the next session goes live–every Monday at 2pm MST.


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