My Life/Working Notes – October 8, 2012

I don’t normally like to post another Working Notes so close to the last, but it’s been one of those months — very busy and lots happening to talk about.

First up:  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone visiting or living in Canada.  Frankly, I can’t believe it’s October already.  I just finished with January….

Secondly:  All the editions for those books I released at all retailers over the last few weeks are now out.  If you have a personal preference for buying your books at Kobo, Sony, Apple, etc., then the books are now available there, and the links are on the books’ pages here on the site.  All the new titles are listed just to right here ( —> ) taking up room I normally limit to just three.

Third:  Night Owl Reviews, one of the oldest and largest review sites on the internet, have asked me to write a monthly column about indie publishing.  The column will go live on or around the 15th this month and every month after that.

The first month’s topic will be, naturally-enough, “Why Indie Publish?”

I’ll post a quick reminder here when the column is up at Night Owl Reviews.



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