International Cat Day

As if all the cat images on Facebook wasn’t a perpetual Cat Day… However, I love cats.  My coffee cup tells me so. Some famous writers who are/were cat lovers includes Robert Heinlein, who managed to write cats as characters into some of his novels, including To Sail Beyond The Sunset (one of my favourites): Notice the […]

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What if We Weren’t The Top Cats?

What if We Weren’t The Top Cats? Superiority of an individual or a species over another is a harsh lesson to learn, but nature is harsh – it keeps handing this lesson out whether you want it or not.  Humans have been at the top of the food chain for a very long time.  But

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CATS is Thirty-One Today.

Cats, a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber opened on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theater in New York City, 1982.  Thirty-one years ago today. Wow. I was fortunate enough to see Cats at the Sydney Opera House a year or so later. It ran at the Opera House for over a year.  (Of course, I

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