International Cat Day

As if all the cat images on Facebook wasn’t a perpetual Cat Day…

However, I love cats.  My coffee cup tells me so.

Some famous writers who are/were cat lovers includes Robert Heinlein, who managed to write cats as characters into some of his novels, including To Sail Beyond The Sunset (one of my favourites):

Notice the cat?

Then he got right down to brass tacks:

This time, he wrote the cat into the title.

John Scalzi is another science fiction writer who likes both cats and photography.  On his blog, Whatever, he frequently features photographs of his cats.

When he’s short on a new post, he will write, “Here, have a cat, instead.”

Authors who love cats are legion.  Here’s a short-ish and incomplete list:

T.S. Eliot (who wrote the book that the musical CATS was based upon)
Ernest Hemingway
William S. Burroughs
Mark Twain
Samuel Johnson
William Butler Yeats
Patricia Highsmith
Charles Dickens
Neil Gaiman
William Carlos Williams
Raymond Chandler
Charles Bukowski
Joyce Carol Oates
Allen Ginsberg
Ray Bradbury
Doris Lessing
Sylvia Plath
Aldous Huxley
Edgar Allan Poe
Phillip K. Dick
Jorge Luis Borges
Jean Cocteau
Stephen King
Jean Paul Sartre
Jack Kerouac
Edward Gorey
Truman Capote
W.H. Auden
Judy Blume
Edward Lear
Alexander Dumas

I can add myself to the list.  I have three cats:  Pippin, Merry and Strider.

This is Pippin:

He often sits just behind my keyboard and stares at me with this expression, until I scratch his ears.


La Belle Merry keeps the two males in line with whacks and disdain, as required.

Otherwise, she does like to relax, especially where others can reach her tummy.  The world is her personal slave.

Strider is the baby kitty (still, despite passing kittyhood a long time ago.)  He’s totally certifiable.  He bounces off walls and leaps in the air without reason.

Often he sits up on his haunches like a prairie dog, too.

But this is one of his favourite poses:

He will also crack an eye open as we pass by, to see if we will fall for the bait and rub his tummy.

Alas, we never learn.

Strider is a rescue–he was one of a litter of nine kittens left in a barn at Christmastime one year.  This is the first day we got him:

The very blue eyes, the white locket at the neck and the shaggy black hair made his name a lock.

If you’re a cat lover, hug your cat today.  It’s their day.  (As if the rest of the year isn’t!)



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