Must Love Cats

9lives1600I had a whole other post lined up for today, but it didn’t happen for a number of reasons (long story … isn’t it always a long story, have you noticed?)

Anyway, over the next few months, I will be having a lot of guest authors on the blog, just to break up the sound of my voice and my long, rambling observations about whatever catches my attention.

One of those authors is Elysa Hendricks, who will be guesting here in October.

However, she has a book that is on sale at the moment, and I thought I would give it a quick mention here, simply because I love the title. It features cats…what’s not to love?

By the way, while I’m thinking of it, this is one of our three, recovering from a catnip high:

Strider on catnipAnd here’s the details about Elysa’s special:

Book 1, The Nine Lives of Thomas Cash Riley

Thomas Cash (TC) Riley is mad, bad and…dead. Killed in a one car wreck the twenty-nine-year old playboy is given one last chance to redeem himself for living a selfish, unfulfilled life and to determine his soul’s final destination.

To help his young daughter recover from the loss of her mother, Daniel Bishop, a widower who dislikes the country and is allergic to anything with fur, has moved back to his wife’s rural hometown to be close to her large family.

Katherine Sinclair, the local veterinarian and the single mother of an adventurous ten-year old son, is wary of the handsome newcomer. Once before she’d given her heart to a wealthy, charming man and she’d ended up pregnant and alone.

With the help of a lonely little girl and a brash young boy, can TC find a way to bring these two damaged people together? Can he remember his past and save his soul in the allotted time?

And can he do it all as a cat?


Sounds great, huh?

Pick it up at Amazon, now. It’s only $0.99 until the end of September.

And here’s Elysa’s site, if you’d like to know more about her and her books.  Elysa herself will be a guest on this blog in October.

2 thoughts on “Must Love Cats”

  1. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for having me here. MUST LOVE CATS is one of my favorite stories. Thomas Cash (TC) Riley was so much fun to write. While I was writing, he whispered (or rather shouted) his opinions on how his story needed to be told.

    Loved the picture of your furbaby recovering from catnip. TC hasn’t forgiven me yet for introducing him to catnip.


    1. Hi Elsya — You’re welcome. I look forward to getting to know you and your books better in October, too. Thanks for the insight into Thomas, too.



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