My Life/Working Notes – October 22, 2012

News!  And it’s all over the place this week, too.

First up, I’m now doing a weekly post over at Get Lusty for Couples, for all things that fall into the area where sex and fiction collide.  Think fantasies, pornography, erotica, on-line and text-based sex (I met my husband on-line, so I guess I’m a bit of an expert) and the subject of my first post: role playing.  “Role Playing 101” should be out this week.


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My author’s edition of the paranormal romance, Solstice Surrender, has been released.

It’s currently available at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Smashwords and in Amazon Print, and in a few days time it should filter through to B&N, B&N Print, Kobo, iTunes and Diesel ebooks.

Here’s the blurb:

When her SIA partner and lover is killed on assignment, Jenna hides away in Banff, Canada for the Christmas season to lick her wounds in private.  When she forces a rude stranger to dump coffee in his own lap just by thinking about it, Jenna is tipped into a shadowy world hidden to most humans.

Rhys Cellyn knows that dangerous, powerful world intimately. He helps Jenna avoid the many enemies who now want her for her fast-developing powers, while Jenna struggles to accept the truth about her true fate, her growing feelings for Rhys and their twined destinies.

Time is against her, for she must make a choice and the future of the world is at stake…if she can only keep Rhys and herself alive until the moment of the winter solstice.


Bannockburn Binding…Free!

Yup.  Free.  This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the ebook version will be free for download on Amazon.

Bannockburn Binding is the first book in my futuristic time travel vampire romance series, Beloved Bloody Time.   It was nominated for erotic paranormal book of the year by The Romance Reviews.

Here’s the blurb:

In the early 23rd Century, vampires learned how to travel back in time, and created a time-tsunami that threatened life as we know it, until they corrected their mistake.  They created the Chronometric Conservation Agency, which is tasked with preserving history and therefore protecting humanity’s future.  The Touring arm of the Agency offers trips back into the real past, with vampire guides, called travellers.

When Natalia (Tally) Marta, vampire and traveller, takes her client to visit the siege of Stirling Castle in 1314, she is caught and held hostage for ransom by Robert MacKenzie, a Bruce clansman.  Rob finds himself drawn to the wilful, stubborn and very different English lady he has captured and the relationship becomes an intimate, highly-charged sexual pairing.  Swiftly, Tally and Rob realize their bond is more than sexual, that the emotions stirring their hearts are true.

Christian Lee Hamilton, vampire, one of the last true southern gentlemen, and Tally’s ex-lover, knows the 1314 time marker enough to jump back and help Tally return home. His arrival at Bannockburn adds complications, for Christian finds himself drawn to Rob MacKenzie as much as Tally is.  But neither of them can stay in the past forever.  To do so means certain death.

WARNING:  This book contains two hot, sexy alpha heroes, frequent, explicit
and frank sex scenes and sexual language.  It includes heart-stopping sexual
scenes between the aforementioned sexy heroes, menage scenes, and anal sex.
Do not proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
No vampires were harmed in the making of this novel.

If you’d like to be reminded to pick up your copy on Friday, sign up for either my newsletter or my blog’s RSS email feed.  I will be sending reminders out via both channels.


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