Lingerie – Don’t Forget Stockings

Image courtesy, Flickr.

There’s nothing as sexy and guaranteed to turn a man’s head as a simple skirt, a pair of classic stilettos and sheer, dark hosiery.  Sit down, cross your legs and give a glimpse of stocking tops, and he’s gone – hook, line and sinker.

It’s not like the skirt has to be all that short, either.  As long as it accentuates your hips and the line of your legs, especially as you’re walking away from him, it’ll do the job in a way that will have him visually following you out the door and into the car park, his mind trying to play catch up with his tightening body.

Yet stockings — hosiery — is often the last thing we think of when we’re putting together an outfit, and it’s sometimes overlooked in favour of bare flesh.  Or else we settle for the utilitarian pantyhose, in a flesh colour, sometimes bought cheap at the supermarket.

Why waste an opportunity to intrigue, and feel sexy yourself?  It’s a simple matter.  If you don’t like garter belts, stay-ups are readily available.  And if you simply have to wear pantyhose, go for really good quality ones — high denier with a sheen that make your legs look like a million dollars.

You’ll feel great wearing them, and you feeling great will show in the way you carry yourself, your smile, and your attitude.


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