Lemme tease you a little!

Phew! All that email migration stuff has really knocked me out of my usual routine. I’m scrambling a bit, but wanted to tell you about…well, lemme just tell you, huh?​

I can’t get too specific right now, because I’m so far behind in my writing, that the release date for this one is getting closer and I still haven’t finished actually writing it.

​But I’ve twitched to write it for the longest time–since More Time Kissed Moments was written, in fact.

​There’s a big clue. 😉

​Anyway, I’m returning to the Kiss Across Time series for the next book. I’m just over half-way done on this one.

​Presenting: Kiss Across Chaos, Book 10 of the Kiss Across Time series.

​This one features not Brody, Veris and Taylor (I wish!), not Alex, Sydney and Rafe, and not Neven, Remy and London.

​They’re in the book. But they’re not the stars this time.

​The hero is…. <drum roll> Aran.


​And the heroine?

​I’ve hinted enough that those of you who love the Kiss Across Time series can probably already tell me who the heroine is.

​But here’s a little snippet from the current manuscript, to give you a glimpse.




“Are you staying the night, Jesse?” Veris asked.

She shook her head. “I think Alannah has a date tonight.”

“Taylor can take you back tomorrow,” Veris replied.

“Thank you, but I gotta get some writing done. I’m behind,” Jesse admitted. “The three day break between houses has jammed up my routine.”

“Where is the next house you’re sitting?” Brody asked. “And when?”

“Arlington,” she said. “I start tomorrow. They’re going to London for Christmas and won’t be back until after the New Year. A good long one, this time. Alannah said she’ll drop me there. She’s got a vacation day tomorrow.”

Alannah worked in Hollywood, doing something that Jesse wasn’t entirely sure about, except that it was something to do with the production of movies and seemed to involve a lot of drinking, parties, meetings and phone calls.

Brody lifted his brow. “Arlington. You’ll be right across the Potomac from Aran.”

Jesse’s breath caught. Her heart jolted. She hadn’t even thought of that.

In fact, she had completely forgotten that Aran lived and worked in Washington now. If she thought of Aran at all, she tended to remember him from Martha’s Vineyard, when she had first met him, which was ridiculous, because that was years ago. Even Harvard was years ago. He was a political lobbyist now, working for one of the most prestigious consulting firms in D.C.

Her throat grew warm and the skin over it prickled, rising up to her chin. Her heart wobbled. She breathed shallowly, feeling a little ill. She had been looking forward to this very long house sitting assignment, and getting a lot of writing done. The house could have been in Tacoma for all she cared. She had barely processed that it was just across the river from the Capitol.

Now the house-sitting job felt…tainted.

Veris made a low sound in the back of his throat. “Across the river could be across the universe as far as Aran is concerned. He’s too damn busy for anyone.”

There was an odd note in his voice.

Brody watched his lover with a non-judgemental expression. “He’ll find his way back,” he said gently.

Jesse fought to control her breathing and wished she could order her heart to slow down. Brody and Veris would be able to hear every thudding beat. They could probably smell her distress, too.

And really, what was she panicking about? It was clear that Aran didn’t come home for family visits very much at all. It wasn’t just today. She hadn’t seen him here for years, even though she was a frequent visitor herself. Aran lived his life in Washington and she would be way over on the other side of the river. And she was house-sitting, which implied she stayed in the house and watched it.

Slowly, her heart slowed. Her breathing deepened. She made herself relax.

She could still enjoy this long stretch of solitude and get some serious writing done. What had she been panicking about?

And why?


​Kiss Across Chaos will be released on November 19 (and that’s less than 2 months away…scary, huh?).

​Because I’m a bit behind, I don’t have it ready for pre-order yet. This literally is just a tease! <wicked grin>

​But I’ll let you know when it is out on pre-order and by then, I’ll have another of Dar Albert’s excellent covers to show you.

​If you’re yet to dip into the Kiss Across Time series, then I should tell you that the series is heavily discounted right now, in response to the pandemic emergency — more reading for you, because we’re all stuck at home, right?

​Check out the first book in the series, Kiss Across Time, below.

​​Get Kiss Across Time now for only 99c!


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