Kiss Across Time 4 – oooh!

Kiss 4 Coming SoonSo, I have a few little stories I’m going to put out in the meantime, but I’m currently working on the fourth book in the Kiss Across Time series.

The best bit is that the cover is underway – I love waiting for a new cover. I always wonder what Dar Albert is going to do next. She always delivers exactly what I ask for, but it’s never what I imagined it would be and invariably, it’s much better.

And, ta-da! – the title of the new book is:

Kiss Across Deserts

Just the title alone provides lots of suggestions and ideas about what the story is about, doesn’t it?

Any guesses?   <wicked grin>



Not familiar with the series?  Find out more here.

Kiss Across Time, the first book in the series, is free.
Click here to get download information.

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