A COVID-19 Charity Anthology of Romance

I was contacted by a long-time reader on my email list, who has got together with a few other romance writing friends to produce the first anthology I have seen designed to serve the victims of the pandemic.

Here is what Margaret told me:

“I’ve been writing for several years. The pandemic left me furious that there was so little I could do to help the world around me (my husband’s especially vulnerable, so I can’t go out and DO things, I can’t sew, and I certainly have no wealth to donate to worthy causes). And so, I decided to do the only thing I knew I could pull off – write a story. Four other writers joined me and we’ve published

Love Gone Viral: Five COVID-19 Related Romances.

ALL proceeds will be going to Feeding America and World Central Kitchen (which I believe operates in Canada, as well). It is available Amazon, B&N and Kobo.”

Five romantic and eclectic tales of love during the CoronaVirus.

In Meredith Bond’s “Falling Through Air”, Susie Freyn might have inadvertently used her magic to save Michael Werloga’s life, but can she find the confidence to save them both when they’re thrown back in time?

Meg Napier’s “Second Drop” unmasks the loneliness in Lizzie and Evan when a tree falls in a storm and changes the course of their lives.

In Randi Goldleif’s “Bending Love”, Rosalind will do anything to prevent her wife from dying of COVID-19 – even if that means altering the past.

“Joan’s Journal”, by Pru Warren, brings us a young woman who came to the pretty B&B on Virginia’s eastern shore to help her parents survive the Covid quarantine – is handsome guest Darren her Corona-Prince-Charming?

And in M. Spencer’s “Lease on Love”, campaign veteran Meg guides Alice, a young brewery manager, through the basics of community organizing. They were looking for rent relief and found love along the way.

All proceeds from the sale of Love Gone Viral are being donated to Feeding America and World Central Kitchen.

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