It’s the Second Last Day of the Month, and that means…

It’s sale time!

For those of you who are new to the blog and the email list,

  1. Hello!  And Welcome!
  2. Every month, on the last two days of the month and the first two days of the next month, Stories Rule Press (SRP) holds a 20% off sale.  Sometimes it’s a different sort of sale, but most months, it’s 20% across the board on every book and story they have available, including stuff already on sale, and also including boxed sets (of which there are many).


There are genuinely no restrictions on this.  You can use the coupon multiple times while the sales is on, you can give it to friends, you can stuff your shopping basket full.  It’s all good.

The coupon you need to use at the checkout to apply the 20% discount is:


Copy and paste this into the coupon box on the checkout page.

To start browsing the books, click here.  ON this page, you can sort and filter the books by categories, best sellers, etc., and hone in on what you want from there.

All the SRP books are delivered by BookFunnel, so if you know how to load BookFunnel books onto your reader, you can buy from SRP and you won’t have any technical issues…or if you do, BookFunnel are great at sorting things out.

Enjoy your shopping!


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