It’s that time of year!  I’m feeling the spirit now because I’ve got all my shopping done.  If you’re still looking for inspiration and last minute gifts for other romance readers, browse through these ideas:

A Romance Novel Coloring Book: Coloring Pages Inspired By Romance Novel Covers (Volume 1)


If you or your gift recipient was bitten by the bug this year, here is the perfect mash of hobbies.


Jane Austen Pretty Women Deserve Large Fortune Ladies T-Shirt (S-3X)


One thing I don’t like about standard teeshirts is the high crew neck.

Ladies’ teeshirts have a lower neck and the better ones have a hint of a curve at the waist, so they’re more flattering.

This one is even cuter, with the quote on it.


Vintage Retro Classic PU Leather Cover Bound Notebook Bookmarks with Metal Helm and Anchors for Diary & Journal


A really classy journal for keeping track of books read and books to read, too.  These sorts of notebooks always make me twitch to write in them.


Luxury Gold-Plated Bamboo Fountain Pen with Gift Box


…and to go with the journal, a gorgeous pen — a fountain pen, no less.  This one is made out of sustainable bamboo.  Very pretty!


Napa Table Easel & Book Stand


This art stand has a dozen different uses — that’s why I like it.  Tablet, Kindle, ebook reader, even a print book, plus art, too.  It’s an all-rounder (it would be great for recipe books in the kitchen, too).

Best, it’s made of wood, not plastic (because the world needs more plastic like a hole in the head).


Professional Bookworm Throw Pillow


If the shoe fits…wear it proudly!

….and to snuggle down with it:


Sorry, I Only Date Vampires! 88″ x 104″ Blanket


Cuddly fleece blanket with an attitude.


Storymatic Card Game


I confess that this one really intrigues me.  I’ve never played the game before, but I suspect it might be fun to play a game where you can win for telling stories.  I figure I’d have a chance of winning.  Right?

(Plus, no one in my family will play Trivial Pursuit with me anymore.)

Spin your own romance story — I can easily see a group of romance lovers sitting around with a few bottles of good red wine and having a great time with this one…oh, and don’t forget:


GODIVA Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Canister 13.1oz

Premium hot chocolate (don’t forget the rum or brandy!)  Mmm!

I believe romance readers have more than their fair share of chocoholics.  I once watched an entire chocolate buffet disappear inside 20 minutes at a romance convention.  The staff looked a little dazed…

The best beverage for reading romances!



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