Friday’s Mash – October 12, 2012

Goodies I’ve found from chatting, cruising and working lately:

Interesting Sites

Indie Or Mainstream? Judging Quality By The Wrong Title

“We once believed that reader reviews and such would sort out the slush of the self-published pile, but recent headlines have since slapped those illusions upside the head. We’ve got self-published authors paying for glowing reviews, and mainstream authors targeting each other with negative reviews. This is not sorting the good from the bad. It’s confusing the issue even more….”


SFR News Links for October 2012

The Galaxy Express, the site for lovers of Science Fiction Romance, released a round of up tidbits for the month, including a very nice plug for Bannockburn Binding, and the Beloved Bloody Time series.


Can A “Normal” Author Make A Living Indie Publishing?


Blast From the Past

Why I Will Never Give Up My Historical Romances


Articles and Subjects Index overhauled. (phew!)


Have a great weekend!

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