First Reviews for The Branded Rose Prophecy


The first early reviews for The Branded Rose Prophecy are in.

This is always a nerve-wracking time for a writer – until the first public feedback arrives, you never know if your latest child really is as perfect as you think it is, or if it’s really a monster and you can’t recognize that through your rose coloured glasses.

Early reviews are a reassurance, one way or the other: Either you did okay (phew!) or maybe you do have a monster on your hands, after all.

I’m happy to say I’m wiping my brow with relief.  🙂

Here’s quote from the first two reviews I’ve received.

I loved getting to meet the little girl Charlee  and reading as she grow into an amazing young lady.  I loved Asher  although he seemed very stiff at times I wanted to shake him up.but I loved the fact he was willing to do anything to keep Charlee and her family and even the world safe.

Satin’s Bookish Corner


This tale is quite different from other works by this author and at first I was slightly confused, but I have to say that I was very pleased with it. The suspense arouses the curiosity, catches hold of the readers and refuses to let go and the spin on the mythology that the author used to create her fascinating world is really different and refreshing. I was completely caught up in the story from the very beginning and I fought sleep and screamed at everybody if they interrupted me, I had to finish this emotionally gripping and terrific tale.

Eva Millian, Reviewer.


The full five star review is on the book’s page.  For details and an excerpt from The Branded Rose Prophecy, click here.

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