Exclusive Contemporary Romance Boxed Set Now Available.


Aren’t they fantastic covers?

Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs rebuilt my two contemporary romance covers and gave them a fresh, gorgeous new update.

While I was updating the covers, I also thought:  Why not put them into a boxed set?

So I did.

Both contemporary romance novels by Tracy Cooper-Posey, boxed together for the first time.

Including the national award-winning An Inconvenient Lover.

An Inconvenient Lover

It would be too inconvenient to like him.

When Anastasia’s fiancé’s best friend, David, returns to Seattle after years of living overseas, her nice, stable, orderly life is turned upside down.  In denial about her own nature and the truth about her parents’ notorious and flamboyant marriage, Anastasia shuts down her attraction toward David.

Even though digging up her family history will cause pain, David is determined to coax Anastasia’s true nature out of dormancy. If Anastasia reverts to her real character, marriage to Hugh will become impossible and David’s best friend will be hurt. Yet if David doesn’t succeed in setting Anastasia’s soul free, he will lose his own chance at winning her heart.

Winner of the Romance Writers of Australia’s Emma Darcy Award.

This book was a wonderful read. She dangled the happy ending like a carrot until the very last page. Romantic Times Magazine.

Lucifer’s Lover

Can you love the one you hate?

Lindsay is determined to outshine her mother’s illustrious career. As head of marketing for the exclusive Freeman Hotel, in the rarefied mountains of  northern Washington, Lindsay grapples with her rival, the charming newcomer, Lucifer Furey Pierse.

No one knows much about Luke except he could turn murder into a comedy routine, that he likes classy women and is oddly drawn to the prickly, definitely not-interested Lindsay.

It starts with a bet that goes horribly wrong.  If Lyndsay wins, then Luke leaves town—forever.  If Luke wins, he gets a date with Lyndsay.  But when Luke wins and Lindsay is forced to pay the price, she learns more about Lucifer Furey Pierse than she thought existed.  The date kick-starts a bitter-sweet journey as they learn why they are the people they have become.

Then life hands them an unexpected twist they must deal with…one that tests both of them to limits.

Reviewer’s Top Pick – Night Owl Reviews

Lucifer’s Lover is an emotionally vested romance between two people who think they know what they want. Fact is they truly have no clue until fate forces them to face them to take a cold hard look at what’s important. Lyndsay and Luke are exceptionally drawn characters. —Kristi Ahlers, Amazon Top 500 reviewer.


The boxed set is only available for purchase directly from me.  It is only $5.99 USD for the box, which is a 35% discount on the two individual titles–a bonus for my blog readers.

Buy the Contemporary Romance Collection here.

Check out An Inconvenient Lover here, including an excerpt.

Check out Lucifer’s Lover here, including an excerpt.


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