Christmas Cheer of a Different Sort

It’s very nearly the end of August and depending on what country you’re sitting in, the end of August is also considered the end of summer. Some countries hang in until mid-September for the official end, but here in Canada, it doesn’t matter—come September 1, the weather seems to consult the calendar and pull down

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News – July 27, 2015

It's been a busy summer so far. Currently Underway I’ve done all the world building and I’m a few chapters into a brand new series. This one is science fiction romance. Space Opera! Think Star Wars (Han Solo, anyone?), Star Trek, and really cool movies like Jupiter Ascending. The series is called the Interspace series

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Fletcher Christian’s Heritage

226 years ago, eight mutineers aboard The Bounty tossed their captain, Lieutenant William Bligh, and 18 loyal crewmen into a lifeboat and set them adrift. As they made off with the ship, the mutineers, led by Fletcher Christian, dumped boxes of food into the water for the abandoned crew. No one is completely sure why

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Today is Anzac Day

North Beach, Gallipoli Peninsular; Turkey. The point at which Australian Troops first landed at Gallipoli and traditionally the focus for Australian Dawn services. It must be because I grew up hearing the stories about what Australian and New Zealand troops achieved (and died achieving) during the First and Second World Wars, that Anzac

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What Are You Doing for Your Dear One?

Screw the chocolates. They just add calories where you don’t want them. It’s Valentine’s Day. Are you surprising your other half, this year? Or hoping to be surprised? Or ignoring the day altogether for one reason or another? If it’s been a while since you did something nice for someone (doesn’t have to be a

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Equality for Women: Not such a hot idea.

145 years ago today, in 1869, the first Women's Suffrage law in the United Stated was granted in Wyoming Territory. It was the first step in full voting rights for women in America, which was written into the Constitution in 1920. Canada gave women the vote in 1919, and the United Kingdom trailed behind, declaring

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