Do You Avoid Books With Certain Covers?

Author Catherine McKenzie ranted a few days ago about covers on books, in her post "Why Do Books Written by Women Get Such Audience-Limiting Covers?".  The post was written primarily for authors, and in it she proposes that, as the title suggests, women authors' book covers are designed in such a way that tags them

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Bigger Than Some Cities.

You may have heard about the wildfire burning in Alberta, Canada.  You may not have realized it's only four hours north of where I live.  Most of the refugees are landing here in Edmonton, and many people I know are spontaneously helping out in whatever way they can.  One of the most heartbreaking things about

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The Mind Boggles….

Recently, I spotted an article on Good eReader proclaiming that the hottest trend in books these days was.... ...Dinosaur Erotica. At which point, my imagination completely blanked out. The article refers to a Huffington Post report.  But out of curiosity, I did a search on Amazon and low and behold, there are 486 titles listed

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Groundhog Day

I never understood what this day meant until I saw the movie. Then I still didn't really appreciate it until I had moved to the northern hemisphere and got to experience an actual winter, with snow and everything. Given how mild this winter has been, I don't mind which way the decision goes. You? t.

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Australia Day

Thanks to the international date line and time zones, by the time you read this, Australia Day will be over and done in Australia. But it's Australia Day for me, so I'm digitally waving the flag. Hope the fireworks were good this year!

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