A New Skill Set to Make Life Interesting.

I love cracking open a new program and getting to know it.  Playing around with the buttons and menus and figuring out how to get the program to do what I want is enormous fun.  It scratches my curiousity bump and taps my creativity in completely different ways from story-telling. Most people I know can

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Do You Avoid Books With Certain Covers?

Author Catherine McKenzie ranted a few days ago about covers on books, in her post "Why Do Books Written by Women Get Such Audience-Limiting Covers?".  The post was written primarily for authors, and in it she proposes that, as the title suggests, women authors' book covers are designed in such a way that tags them

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Bigger Than Some Cities.

You may have heard about the wildfire burning in Alberta, Canada.  You may not have realized it's only four hours north of where I live.  Most of the refugees are landing here in Edmonton, and many people I know are spontaneously helping out in whatever way they can.  One of the most heartbreaking things about

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The Mind Boggles….

Recently, I spotted an article on Good eReader proclaiming that the hottest trend in books these days was.... ...Dinosaur Erotica. At which point, my imagination completely blanked out. The article refers to a Huffington Post report.  But out of curiosity, I did a search on Amazon and low and behold, there are 486 titles listed

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Groundhog Day

I never understood what this day meant until I saw the movie. Then I still didn't really appreciate it until I had moved to the northern hemisphere and got to experience an actual winter, with snow and everything. Given how mild this winter has been, I don't mind which way the decision goes. You? t.

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