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Today, as you’re reading this (if you’re reading it on the day it releases, March 9th), I will be at the Cross Cancer Institute all day, having a CVC line inserted.

What’s that, you say?

A CVC line is a big version of the PICC line I had inserted around Christmas time.  The PICC line was to inject antibiotics to counter the infection I’d developed around the surgical incision running up my neck and the back of my head. 

The PICC line was a very fine line that was inserted in my upper arm and ran up through a vein through my shoulder and down toward my heart, so that the antibiotics were delivered directly to where they were needed.

The PICC line saved me having an IV inserted in my hand or arm, and having it block up every few days, requiring another IV to be inserted elsewhere.  To say nothing of the inconvenience of having all that hard plastic and tubing sticking out and getting bumped as I went about my day.

I’m having another line inserted today so that in a week or so, the Cross staff can harvest my stem cells.  They can’t pull stem cells through the tiny PICC line, so this big brother version is inserted into my chest and down the vein to near my heart.  It actually has two tubes emerging from it.  One for taking blood (and the stem cells that will be in it) and the other for injecting whatever they need to give me.

This is all prep work rolling up to a stem cell transplant in April (I think — date is to be confirmed), which will hopefully be the final treatment that helps extend my remission period for many years, rather than a couple of years.

So I’m sitting in my favourite recliner right now, writing this post ahead of time. 

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His Outrageous Proposal is book 4 of the Scandalous Family–The Victorians series and will be released to all bookstores on June 1.

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Enjoy your Thursday!

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