BYZANTINE HEARTBREAK is out (at last!)

Byzantine Heartbreak

I feel like I’ve been writing this book forever, but in actual fact, I started straight after I launched Lucifer’s Lover, which was …wow, only January 15, 2012.

Considering Byzantine Heartbreak is a whopping 100,000 words, and 368 pages in the print version (the spine calculated out at .918″ thick!) that’s — actually, it’s shocking even me.

I ate, lived and breathed the lives and loves of Càel, Nia and Ryan for the month it took me to write the book, and I loved writing it.  It was one of those books that caught fire and enveloped my head.  Not all books are a joy to write.  Some fight to be written.  Others spew out onto the page, anxious to have their story told.  Byzantine Heartbreak fought with me for about two chapters, then suddenly, the spell was cast, the door was open, and I was in their heads and living in their world and it was fun!

If you’ve ever wondered why indie authors are drawn to indie publishing, then this book is a testament to “why”.  It was written, edited, built and released in forty days.  Legacy publishers would take six months just to decide if they want to publish the book, then another two years to get it on the shelf.  You’re already able to buy and enjoy the tale.  In the time the legacy publishers would have taken to bring the book out, I could write and release another six or ten more in the series — and still publish other series as well.

Byzantine Heartbreak is the second book in the Beloved Bloody Time series.  I’ve just built the series page — you should have a look, there’s a very cool montage that my favourite cover artist in the whole world, Dar Albert, has built, that shows the 23rd century.


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