A Princess + A Bastard, a match made in Heaven?

Perilous 3DPerilous Princess came out on Friday, and has received some rave reviews already.

The fact that I’m still mulling over this story tells me that the plot was more complex than I originally imagined. I read the book in very short order, and found it hard to put down.

No matter what genre – Tracy pulls you into the story, you feel a rapport with the characters and remember to fasten your seat belt for the ride!

As is always the case with Tracey’s books….I LOVED IT !!   Yes I am biased, but that is because I have never been disappointed.

While I am not normally a fan of historical romances I will always make a exception for any book written by Tracy Cooper-Posey, no matter what genre. I am so glad I did for this series. The characters grab you right at the start of the book (especially if you have read the previous books in the series) and they keep your attention right until the last page.

I have read the different genres that Tracey publishes. I love her attention to detail. A good read

The non cliff hanger ending left me smiling for hours. Good job!

I have read so many of Tracy’s books. I am NEVER let down!!!!

This is the last book in the Scandalous Sirens series….and the first one is free.  <wink>
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