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  1. Naomi Bellina

    I love those cherries! I’ve been trying to get my three lovers in a different position and you’re right, there aren’t too many ways to have double penetration. Nice to know I’m not the only one with this conundrum. Great post!

  2. G’day, Naomi:

    Yeah, it’s a bit of a poser, isn’t it? :) I think for this particular situation we’re all going to have to take the repetition as an anatomical limitation and go with the flow. By the time you actually *reach* the moment, there’s usually so much that’s happened anyway, it barely registers…


  3. Leilani

    See, I don’t necessarily need the f in the middle, I’m actually happier when an m is in the middle. I’m more likely to skim over the mfm configuration. That probably didn’t help, did it?

    • Hi, Leilani: Ah, see, that would be one of the happy penetration events that would lead up to the big moment. I happen to like it that way, too, but it does seem that, at least emotionally, and for the point of the book, anyway — the commitment of the two heroes to the heroine — the act of double penetration is the supreme moment.

      Happy Saturday!


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