Let Me Count The Ways

Let Me Count The Ways

9018365-threesome-of-cherriesWhen writing any story at all, an author strives to avoid duplicating anything they’ve written before, especially pet turns of phrase, favourite words and expressions.  This can be a challenge in erotic romances.  Because I try not to repeat myself (it can happen quite unconsciously), I have become aware of a severe limitation of MMF romances.

There’s only so many ways the deed can be done.

To be specific, (warning; adult imagery ahead!):  One of the choicest and most anticipated moments in MMF romances is the act of double penetration by the heroes.  But because of the anatomies involved, there’s a quite short list of ways in which to arrange human bodies in order to achieve that ultimate moment.

There is a vast variety and combination of activities that can take place other than double penetration, some of them utterly unique to MMF romances/situations, and all of them are deliciously fun to read and write.  Some of them even include penetration of one sort or another.

But when it comes to the heroine’s moment of bliss; when the heroes finally claim her together — well, unless she’s an Olympic gymnast, and even if she is — the chances are she’s going to be sandwiched between them either vertically or lying down.  There’s not too many other ways to get the deed done, and there’s only small variations on these two major themes.

I always look for new and novel ways for this wonderful moment to take place, but so far, it always happens within one of these two major variations.   I’m not about to start writing characters hanging from chandeliers <shudder>, just for the sake of variety.   There’s enough that happens before that ultimate moment that a bit of repetition is easily tolerated…especially with the sort of heroes who provide the repetition! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Let Me Count The Ways”

  1. I love those cherries! I’ve been trying to get my three lovers in a different position and you’re right, there aren’t too many ways to have double penetration. Nice to know I’m not the only one with this conundrum. Great post!

  2. G’day, Naomi:

    Yeah, it’s a bit of a poser, isn’t it? 🙂 I think for this particular situation we’re all going to have to take the repetition as an anatomical limitation and go with the flow. By the time you actually *reach* the moment, there’s usually so much that’s happened anyway, it barely registers…


  3. See, I don’t necessarily need the f in the middle, I’m actually happier when an m is in the middle. I’m more likely to skim over the mfm configuration. That probably didn’t help, did it?

    1. Hi, Leilani: Ah, see, that would be one of the happy penetration events that would lead up to the big moment. I happen to like it that way, too, but it does seem that, at least emotionally, and for the point of the book, anyway — the commitment of the two heroes to the heroine — the act of double penetration is the supreme moment.

      Happy Saturday!


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