You THINK You Know Someone…

This weird little factoid made me pause:

Abraham Lincoln is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, because he only lost once in over 300 matches.


Commenting as a non-American, I have to say that is not the usual image of Abraham Lincoln that seeps across the national borders.  The man clearly had dimensions.

Don’t you love finding out hidden or unexpected aspects to someone you thought you had neatly pegged?

It’s like learning that Catherine Zeta Jones loves knitting.


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2 thoughts on “You THINK You Know Someone…”

  1. Never heard this before, very interesting. Did you know my middle granddaughter, Jessie, is ranked #5 in the State of Texas for high school Wrestling. The Wrestling Association is having National Competitions in OK soon but she’s not sure she’s ready. Any tips from Mark.

    1. Jessie sounds like quite a girl. Good for her!

      I’d ask Mark to give some tips, only he was a professional wrestler and your granddaughter is in amateur wrestling. Despite the name, there is very little in common between the two sports. Well, pro wrestling is called “sports entertainment”, which is a big clue into the difference!



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