You know that awful cousin of yours?


Have you got a cousin, aunt, uncle, great nephew…someone in your family that you smile politely to whenever you see them, but otherwise avoid them? They don’t have anything in common with you, including your values and outlook on life. Yet family events persist in putting you in their company every year or so.

Yeah, that person.

Would it shock you to know that writers have characters that they invented that they’re not nearly as fond of as others they’ve created?

I can’t explain this at all. It was a shock to me to realize, several books into my career, that I had strong feelings about some of my characters (Brody, Veris), while others–who were fun to write about at the time–I’ve just never felt the itch to go back and visit.

I don’t always know which characters will be in which camp. Some time has to pass after I’ve written the book before I recognize I’ve got a repeat character on my hands. It’s when I find myself thinking about that character, and wondering what might have happened to them after the story ended, or what happened in their past to make them like that.

If that sounds a lot like you wondering about your favourite characters in the books you read, then you’re right. But as a writer, I get the pleasure of actually going back and writing out that stuff, and turning it into more stories.

Both Jesse and Aran, heroine and hero of Kiss Across Chaos, were these types of characters.

Aran started to pop back into my mind after I wrote Kiss Across Worlds, when he had turned into a real person instead of a child-type-entity required for certain family scenes.

And Jesse…well, she stormed into my consciousness when I wrote Time and Rememberence and basically took up residence.

I never intended for the two to get together. Aran was quite a few years younger than Jesse, just to begin. But when there is time travel involved, “impossible” takes on a different meaning.

I started writing Jesse’s story in More Time Kissed Moments and within a page or two, realized that Aran was the perfect guy for her. That particular story got written in one non-stop sprint, in one day, and it really did write itself. The two of them have powerful chemistry and I loved writing their scenes.

Only, I still didn’t feel as though Aran and Jesse could be put together in any official way. Even if I wanted to try, I would have to get around the age thing, just to begin–and do it in a way that didn’t make my eyes roll. (That is, no magic wands, or coincidence. Time travel could play a part, but the solution had to be logical and reasonable within the confines of the story world.)

This particular book, number 10, was intended to be a story featuring one of the already established threesomes (Brody, Veris & Taylor; or Sydney, Alex & Rafe; or London, Remi and Neven). I even started developing concept ideas for the planned book.

Only, Aran and Jesse kept working their way back to center stage.

I told myself I couldn’t write their story, not as a main book in the series. Perhaps a side novella, or bonus story. The whole series pattern is threesomes. Every romance so far had been a threesome. And I just couldn’t see Aran and Jesse in a threesome. It just didn’t work for them.

I toyed with the idea of finding a third for them–and it would have to be someone absolutely freaking amazing to deserve them–but wasn’t happy with any of my ideas. I just wasn’t happy about casting them in a threesome, period.

But I simply couldn’t get fired up about the threesome story I was supposed to write.

What to do?

I decided that if Jesse and Aran were going to hang around in my brain and disrupt every idea I had that didn’t involve them, then I would write their freaking story, dammit.

So I did.

Kiss Across Chaos is a bunch of firsts:

  • It’s the first main book in the series to feature a straight forward MF romance.
  • It’s the first book to feature the next generation of Veris’ family.

Like Kiss Across Deserts, this book takes place mostly in the current time period, with brief visits back into the past.

Just like every other story in the series, though, time travel and time itself plays a major role in the lives of the characters and provides some major disruptions and problems.

Kiss Across Chaos is officially released today.

She is an honorary daughter, he is an absent son…

Jesse Hall, unsung hero of the war against terror, is entwined in Veris’, Brody’s and Taylor’s extended, informal family, but has never understood why. She isn’t a vampire and can’t time travel. Yet they seem to like her—everyone except Aran, who is never there.

Aran is busy with his burgeoning career in Washington and building a life away from the confines of the family. As a time jumper, he will never be “normal”, but he lives his life as humanly as possible while milking time for everything he can.

Both are content. Sort of. Yet time travel defines their lives and when Jesse’s latest house-sitting assignment sends her to Arlington, time itself ensares them in dangerous complications and they must work together to unsnarl themselves…

This book is part of the Kiss Across Time paranormal time travel series:
1.0: Kiss Across Time
2.0: Kiss Across Swords
2.5: Time Kissed Moments*
3.0: Kiss Across Chains
3.5: Kiss Across Time Box One
4.0: Kiss Across Deserts
5.0: Kiss Across Kingdoms
5.1: Time And Tyra Again*
6.0: Kiss Across Seas
6.5: Kiss Across Time Box Two
7.0: Kiss Across Worlds
7.1: Time And Remembrance*
8.0: Kiss Across Tomorrow
8.1: More Time Kissed Moments*
9.0: Kiss Across Blades
10.0: Kiss Across Chaos
11.0: Kiss Across the Universe
11.1: Even More Time Kissed Moments*
12.0: Kiss Across Forever

The characters and events in this series are interconnected from book to book. Reading the books in order is strongly encouraged.

[*Short stories and novellas featuring the characters and situations in the Kiss Across Time series].

A Vampire Time Travel Romance Novel

Praise for The Kiss Across Time series

Cooper-Posey’s writing is always brilliant.

There’s something fascinating and cerebral about a Kiss Across Time story that’s more than your usual fantasy-time-travel-story.

Creative and Amazing!

I really love how original Tracy manages to be in a genre where everything seems to have been written.

I loved reading this rich, complex and interesting tapestry of interwoven lives and loves.

GOLD! More compulsive reading for the Kiss Across Time series!

Cooper-Posey is a master storyteller, but how she manages to create these elaborate interconnected storylines that flesh out character development is incredible.

I haven’t read a book in this series that I don’t like.

The entire series has been heavily discounted and will remain at the reduced price while the pandemic lasts. Therefore, Kiss Across Chaos is only $2.99 until we can all breathe safely once more.


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