Working Notes – October 18, 2011

Blood Stone is progressing slowly.  I’m not pushing to get vast wordage down fast on this one, even though I’m usually keen to make progress as quickly as possible, because there’s so much new in my life just now that everything is so…well, unsettled.  So I’m content with baby steps.

The new job is also hugely time consuming and demands vast tracts of my attention in a way that none of my previous jobs ever did.  There’s not a lot left over after that.  But I’m barely a month in on the job, and technically still wet behind the ears.  So, again, I’m still giving myself time to settle down and get the hang of things before I get worried about slow rates of progress, etc.

But you’ll be pleased to know that ground has been broken on the sequel, and Kate Lindenstream and Garrett have had their first little go-round.  If you’d like a sneak peak, I’ve added an excerpt to the book’s page.  I’ve also uploaded a couple of inspirational images here, showing you how I see Garrett when I’m writing scenes that feature him.  The first one is Garrett as he once was, way back when.  This was how Garrett might have looked, once upon a time, when Garrett and Roman first met.  (Yes, they have a history.)

And this second image is more like Garrett looks today — especially once the events of the story start to unfold and things really start to ramp up.  Garrett finds he’s doesn’t have 100% control of things, like he prefers, after all…


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