What Do YOU Think of MMF?

like mmfAs soon as you start talking about ménage, and MMF ménage in particular, readers polarize like crazy.  It’s not just that some readers like them and some don’t.  Readers really, really love MMF ménages or they find them disgusting, perverted, unrealistic and in most cases, offensive.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of readers hanging out in the middle ground.

I had an interesting email exchange with a reader this week who found the idea of a 14th century highlander being open to ménage just as offensive.  (Rob, in Bannockburn Binding).

As it happens, polyandry (multiple husbands) and polygamy (multiple wives) are ancient forms of marriage, dating back into pre-history.  Even the word ménage originates from medieval French, and first appeared in the twelfth century!

Despite that, the reader remained adamant that I was insulting her intelligence.

As I said, MMF ménage tends to polarize people.

And this is just the fictional kind!

Take it a step further.  What about real life MMF ménages?

Years ago, I wrote a post, “Do Women Like MMF“, where I speculated about real MMF relationships.  The post had a huge number of comments, which have been lost in the switch over to the new site.

I’ve brushed up the post and it is now an article on the Articles for Readers page.  I will also link to this post you’re reading right now.  If you’d like to offer your opinion, anonymous or not, feel free to comment, below.  “Do Women Like MMF” was one of the most heavily trafficked posts on the old site, and may pick up traffic all over again (as people are still searching in droves on this topic), so readers and browsers will be directed here where your comments will be seen, too.