Have Your Hanky Ready.

Unbearable-3DWhen Beauty’s Beasts came out, the first time around, Blackraven’s Reviews said of it: “It’s an outstanding book but be prepared to have your hanky ready.”

If they thought Beauty’s Beasts was a weepy, then they would love reading Unbearable.  Alas, professional review sites won’t review indie authors anymore, so I won’t get to find out what they think of Unbearable.

However, a lot of readers have already weighed in with their opinions and you can find a lot of those reviews on the Amazon site (here).

Unbearable came out last week.


I gave this warning to my Street Team, and also to my newsletter subscribers last week, and now I’m warning you:  If you haven’t read the preceding books in this book do not read Unbearable!  I don’t want you to hate me, and if you read the books out of order, you will.  Without the set up of the previous books and the insight into Nick and Damian’s futures that it gives you, you will get to the end of Unbearable and be terribly disappointed.

On the positive side, Carson’s Night, the first book in the series, is free!

Click here for buy links for Unbearable.

And here for an excerpt.



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