Victoria Day and Over Achievers – Why Do They Fall?

Victoria DayFor the Canucks amongst us, Happy Victoria Day.  Enjoy the sunshine (if it’s sunny — not always a given, especially in my neck of the woods) and I hope your long weekend has been fabulous.

This is one of those rare years when Canada’s Victoria Day and the US Memorial Day weekend don’t coincide.  The US Memorial day is next weekend.


Although for a good couple of weeks, until I consulted a U.S. calendar, I had it in my head that next weekend was the Columbus Day weekend in the U.S. — because today is the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ death.

ColumbusPoor ol’ Chris Columbus…for all his exploring and astonishing achievements, he died penniless in Spain, 507 years ago.

It’s not unusual for famous overachievers to end their life in obscurity and poverty.  Apart from Columbus I can think of five or six without straining too hard.  (Bet you can think of one or two, as well).  I always want to know why, though.  Circumstances and/or really, really bad luck?  Or did they bring it upon themselves?  Or was the world simply unable to stand their success and brought them down more than a peg or two?

Do you have any theories?

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