The latest Scandalous Scions historical romance is now released!

Veil of Honor, book 6 of the Scandalous Scions series, was released a week ago, and the response was staggering.

It has broken all my personal sales records for new releases.

It reached as high as #16 on the Hot New Releases list, and is still midway up the list, ten days later.

It has 63 reviews on Amazon and all of them are 5 star reviews.

Here’s some of the early review quotes:

William, a sigh worthy hero.

This author puts you squarely back into history with the sights, sounds and scents of the times.

Bravo! And may this great family continue to flourish and grow.

I particularly enjoyed the era this story is set on, where women are starting to come forward and fight for their rights, industry is about to be born and still honor is best fought for in the old ways.

I don’t give many 5-Star reviews because I’m just that picky. This book gets one because it is so well-written.

Even when you think you can’t be surprised, there is a twist, a turn, a scandal that will.

The conversations at the gatherings are so natural and flowing that I feel like I am actually there.

I have to admit that I tried to figure out just how the story would play out but my guesses were not even close. Just a great read.

I enjoyed this story immensely, especially the process of the characters maturing and evolving into the solid relationship with each other they both deserve.

This was so good. A great addition to this series about a great family.

“Something most of society would call contemptible and fit for nothing but poets and dreamers, yet it is the burning heart of this family and its greatest strength” My heart melts!


You can read an excerpt here, where you’ll also find buy links and more reader reviews.  The next book in the series will be out in a few months–it’s time to catch up, if you haven’t already.


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