The First of the Christmas Releases

As I warned you a few days ago, this list is about to get a bit busy. It’s the Christmas season, right?

Last week, I released Kiss Across Time Box One, the first boxed set of the Kiss Across Time series.


The first four fantastic stories in the best selling time travel paranormal romance series!

Follow Taylor, Brody and Veris as they learn about time travel and survive adventures in the past, all while learning to love and live their unconventional life in the present.

Kiss Across Time
A sizzling hot, erotic story more than 1,500 years in the making….

When Taylor Yates, a former history professor and expert on Arthurian Britain, kisses Brody Gallagher, lead singer of a death metal band and 1,500 year old vampire, their lives are forever changed. When she kisses Veris, Brody’s equally old vampire lover, all three of them become inextricably linked–mind, body and soul, throughout time.

This was a great story with wonderful and surprising plot twists. The chemistry between the three is tangible. Siren Book Reviews

Kiss Across Swords
To save them all they must win back one reluctant heart…again.

When Taylor finds herself at the siege of Jerusalem during the First Crusade, Veris doesn’t know her and doesn’t want to. Worst of all, he and Brody are total strangers. Taylor and Brody must woo Veris using the customs of medieval England, win his heart and his full commitmentbefore Jerusalem falls in four days’ time—or when they return to their own time, their lives as they know them will be gone…

Not only immensely imaginative, but incredibly ingenious – it’s an unforgettable journey. —Romance Junkies Reviews

Time Kissed Moments
If you can’t get enough of Brody, Veris and Alexander…

These three vampires are thousands of years old, yet getting them to open up about their past lives takes just the right combination of events. An evening sitting around talking provides stories and flashes of insight, and a very special moment in all their lives. Find out what happened to Andy, Taylor’s former next door neighbor, the aftermath of the events in Kiss Across Swords, and a rare story from Alexander, who has the tables turned on him.

“Not all over the Craftsman chair”……….too funny! The tales were short but so satisfying, it was wonderful to catch up with some old friends from previous books, to see what happened to them or how their histories intertwined with Veris and Brody. –Reader Review

Kiss Across Chains
When dying becomes an act of love.

A time jump sends them back to Brody’s personal nightmare: Sixth century Constantinople. While Brody survives as a flogged slave, Taylor masquerades as the wife of an aristocrat and searches for Brody. They must wait for Veris to find them before jumping home and Taylor watches each brutal chariot race, wondering if this will be Brody’s last. Brody once died in the Hippodrome and he is human this time, too…

Man, this series is rocking my socks off. This time traveling vampire menage never gets old. —Reading the Paranormal

Reader Advisory: This paranoral time travel box set features super-hot alpha vampire heroes, and explicit sex scenes. Do not read this series if frank sexual language offends you. The time-space continuum was restored to order at the end of this book. Promise.

This book is part of the Kiss Across Time paranormal time travel series:
1.0: Kiss Across Time
2.0: Kiss Across Swords
2.5: Time Kissed Moments*
3.0: Kiss Across Chains
3.5: Kiss Across Time Box One
4.0: Kiss Across Deserts
5.0: Kiss Across Kingdoms
5.1: Time And Tyra Again*
6.0: Kiss Across Seas
6.5: Kiss Across Time Box Two
7.0: Kiss Across Worlds
7.1: Time and Remembrance*
8.0: Kiss Across Tomorrow
8.1: More Time Kissed Moments*

[*Time Kissed Moments are short stories, novellas and collections featuring the characters and situations featured in the Kiss Across Time series.]

The series has ongoing storylines and characters. Reading the books in order is recommended.

A Time Travel Vampire Romance Set

As I have done for other boxed sets, this one comes with interstitial essays between each book. Here’s the start of the first one:


Out of the Ashes

The creation of Kiss Across Time, the first book in the eponymous series, nearly didn’t happen.

In mid 2009, I was released from my day job with zero notice and a semi-decent severance cheque.

Once I had got over the shock of it, my husband—who sometimes mind-reads even though we’ve both agreed we don’t have to—suggested I use the six months the cheque gave me to write full time and see if I could parlay my writing income into my only income.

I, just like every fiction author, dreamed of writing full time.The desire fueled nearly all my writing decisions, in search of the breakthrough novel which would let me quit the day job.It took me a whole one thousand nanoseconds to say yes to my husband’s proposal.

I tried.I really did.I stretched that six months into 18 months, by maxing out credit cards, running up debts and being in danger of missing mortgage payments more than once.

At the time, I was writing primarily for Ellora’s Cave, the digital-first erotic romance publisher.When I landed on a downtown sidewalk with my personal effects in a box under my arm, I asked Ellora’s Cave what sells best, what did they need more of?

They told me they badly wanted MMF Urban Fantasy romances.

I had avoided fantasy and paranormal romances.I mistakenly thought the supernatural too woo-woo for my tastes.Then I found myself assigned to an anthology with two other Ellora’s Cave authors and an editor, and they all wanted to write paranormal.As the only dissenting voice, I was forced to concede.

That experience led to Solstice Surrender, my first and—until I was shoved from my day job—only paranormal romance.It taught me I didn’t mind paranormal at all.

Only a little daunted, I rolled up my sleeves and started writing MMF Urban Fantasy romances for Ellora’s Cave at great speed.Like paranormal, the MMF element was completely new to me.I had to ease into it, but by the time I had finished the first trilogy I was sold on the whole concept.I was still digging deeper into the nuances, but I was enjoying myself.

My sales didn’t reflect that.At the time, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.Since Ellora’s Cave has shut its doors, it has emerged that (possibly) a great deal of revenue had been misdirected.Perhaps I was doing nothing wrong at all, for the feedback I got from readers was fantastic.

But the lack of official sales and generally awful interactions with Ellora’s Cave meant that by early 2010, I knew this full time gig wasn’t going to last.I had already taken a part time barista job to pay bills, which turned into a full time job which paid peanuts.

By March of that year, I started looking in earnest for a better-paying day job.The chore put me into a six month funk.I felt I had failed miserably, proving I sucked as a writer.

…. (the full essay is in the boxed set.)

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